Thursday, December 4, 2014

What's hot in 2015 - NRA Forecast

The National Restaurant Association (NRA) of the USA just released their 2015 culinary forecast based on a survey of 1350 chefs across the US. While the results are clearly US specific, the trends are quite interesting.

While the western world is moving towards more locally produced, fresh and sustainable food, it is sad that developing countries like India are moving in the other direction - high growth in processed food, preference for global food and push for more efficiency in cold storage & logistics - essentially all of this resulting in the fact that the customers eventually get food that is not fresh, stored for a long time and simply reheated/finished at the restaurant. This trend is primarily driven by the economic opportunity here in India currently. Wish someone takes notice and provides support to restaurants doing local & fresh stuff.

You can download the full report from here - What's hot in 2015 report

I have nothing to do with this study. The study was undertaken by NRA and all the copyrights for this study rests with NRA. I am simply reproducing an extract, adding my views and providing links to the original content. 

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Enable online ordering from your own website

As a restaurant owner, you can now enable online ordering for your customers directly from your own website using REMOTEORDER.NET.

The system is easy to set-up for restaurants (all that is needed is the restaurant's menu), easy for customers to order (no login/registration required) and easy for you to receive orders (through SMS, Email & through a browser app). So technically a restaurant does not even need to have a computer. If the restaurant has a computer, the orders can be printed directly on the standard billing printer at your restaurant. 

This is the first product offering we have launched for restaurant business owners.